Quote Edit

" If I was a relative of yours l'd shoot myself."

Personality Edit

George has a large sense of duty and fear of loneliness, as evidenced by staying with Lennie so long. He is very intelligent and witty, and unmerciful when dealing with Lennie. He is very hardworking and honest, never lying.

Setting Edit

The book takes place in 1930s California, in Soledad.

Relationships Edit

Lennie Edit

He has a tough love relationship with Lennie, and tries to convince himself he hates him but knows deep down that he loves him. He only wants the best for Lennie so he has to kill him.

Slim Edit

Slim was always nice to George, and offered him a lot of wisdom.

Theme of Death Edit

George killed Lennie so that he would not need to suffer by the hands of Curly. The theme of death is very present in the story Of Mice and Men, with Lennie killing a mouse not two pages into the book. Then you learn that Lennie's mother died, and that's why George takes care of him. At the climax of the book, Lennie kills someone by accident and is killed because of it.