Quote Edit

" Did the fuhrer take her away?"

Setting Edit

The book takes place in 1940s Nazi Germany in a small town called Molching.

Personality Edit

She loves books so much that she steals them. She is kind-hearted and never second-guessed the decision to hide Max.

Relationships Edit

Max Edit

Liesel formed a very strong bond with Max throughout the book, and was a wreck when he left. She always read to Max to keep his mind off of his pain.

Hans Edit

Liesel loved Hans, because he was always kind to her and taught her how to read.

Rosa Edit

Although she was always hard on Liesel, it was only because she loved her and Liesel knew this. Liesel saw Rosa mourning Hans, which greatly furthered their bond.

Rudi Edit

Liesel was in love with Rudi, and she was destroyed by his death. She felt a lot of guilt for not kissing him when he was alive.

Theme of Death Edit

Death seems to follow Liesel, it kills her old and new family, her friends and eventually death even meats her and returns her journal. Death is a constant reminder of the characteristic mortality and the fact no one loves for ever.