Quote Edit

"Ay, let her rot and perish and be damned tonight, for she shall not live. No, my heart is turned to stone."

Setting Edit

Begins in Venice, then goes to Cyprus for most of the play. Takes place around the year 1600.

Personality Edit

He is very eloquent, and demands respect from others. He is also insecure about being a foreigner, which is why he is so easily made jealous. He is also supposed to be kind, as Desdemona refers to him as such until he is manipulated by Iago.

Relationships Edit

Desdemona Edit

He had a very loving relationship with Desdemona until he was convinced of her adultery. At the point of his death, he had just realized that she was not cheating on him, and felt much remorse for his actions.

Iago Edit

He had a positive relationship with Iago, and throughout the book trusted him more and more, until the climax, when he realized Iago's treachery and hated him.

Cassio Edit

Othello had a trust in Cassio, as evidenced by him being his lieutenant. But when he was convinced of Cassio's betrayal, he told Iago to kill Cassio.

Theme of Death Edit

Othello killed his wife and him self, he did so cause he was jealous of Cassio and the though of him steeling Desdemona for him. Death is a normal in a shaksper story but in this istyation it is a death of both Besdemona and Othello because othello dies when he kills his love.