Quote Edit

"You eat the orange and throw the peel away, a man is not a piece of fruit."

Setting Edit

The play takes place in late 1940s Brooklyn.

Personality Edit

Willy is very insecure about his job and life, and it drives him to suicide. He also ended up going crazy from being overworked. His children aren't nearly as successful as he wants them to be, which is a huge source of insecurity for him.

Relationships Edit

Happy and Biff Edit

He loves them deep down, but can't get along with them and thinks that they hate him. Eventually Willy commits suicide because he feels complete after them telling him they love him.

Linda Edit

He has a very strained marriage with Linda, and seems to take her for granted and yells at her often. She seems to be the only person keeping him alive through her love for him.

Theme of Death Edit

Willy couldn't take on what was going on in his life. From having a dead end job for 35 years just to get fired, and it built up until he killed himself. For the second half of his life, he thought that his two sons hated him, which drove him crazy. He killed himself because he couldn't take the changes in his life.